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Big news for Samsung Lover: The company is launching its first 5G smartphone on April 4

South Korean giant smart phone company Samsung is more eager to launch its first 5G smart phone. According to one news, on April 4, the company will launch its Galaxy Series new smart phone Samsung Galaxy S10 5G to market worldwide However, a glimpse of this smart phone was introduced by the company in the MWC2019 event held in February last month, which is now going to launch. This smart phone b Cree will begin in Korea from April 5 and it is believed that this smart phone of the company will be fully equipped with 5G technology, with great spectroscopy.
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If you talk about the feature, the Galaxy S10 5G has a 6.7-inch Dynamic Amoled A To Z line-up display that can enjoy online and offline HD video. Besides this, a total of 6 cameras will be provided in this smart phone. 4 rear i.e. in the back side and 2 camera will be given in the front. In the carrier camera 12 + 16 + 12 + 0.038MP will be given, in which the depth of 2 megapixels has been given to 0.038 megapixels depth sensor. And must have been selfie camera 10MP front which will equip 0.038MP of 3D depth sensor technology.

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