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Shocking updates in WhatsApp you definitely want

Whatsapp is bringing lots of new feature and updates this year includes Dark mode feature also in this feature WhatsApp is providing dark mode to its user so that they can send off read messages easily in the night without hurting their eyes.

Another cool update or we can say a feature which is known as "Better Voice messaging" in this feature you can send audio clips to your friends instead of typing but in this feature, if you receive more than one audio clips it will automatically play these messages one after the other to make more convenient and easier.

Last but not the least Fingerprint scan security WhatsApp have already top of the line security mechanism that is end-to-end encryption which means only the chatting users can view their messages.

But to boost their security level on more step up they introduce a new feature called Fingerprint security in which the app will ask you time to time for fingerprint scan when you open the App to ensure that no one can access your chats without your permission.
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