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The most useless smartphone of the year 2018

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Many smartphones are launched every year. Those who prove to be very useless. Today, we are going to talk about five such smartphones. Those people who did not like at all, or say they were released from the end. These smartphones were launched at very high prices, which do not fit at all according to their specifications.

Moto G6 Plus
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This smartphone was launched at a price of Rs- 22000, while its specifications were very useless. There was a Snapdragon 630 processor processor, which is now easily available in the range of 10000s now, so the Moto G6 Plus 2018 has a useless or flop phone. However, the price of this smartphone has gone up to just Rs 16000, which is still not right.

Blackberry Evolve
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All the BlackBerry smartphones are very expensive, but this smartphone was very expensive, its price was ₹ 25000 when it was talked about the launch specification, inside it you get Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 which is easily available in ₹ 5000 today. The smartphone did not run in the market at all and flopped.

Red Hydrogen One
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It is also one of the most useless smartphones of 2018, which you get in ₹ 70000 though its design is very attractive but its specifications do not come true at its cost. So far, only two smartphones have been launched in the company.

Vivo V9
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Vivo's smartphones are very good. People liked it too. But Vivo's smartphone did not do anything special. Its price was touching the sky when it was launched. It would have been easily sold offline, because people do not pay attention to specification. But according to its price, it is a useless smartphone.

IPhone XR
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Apple's iPhones are selling very expensive, but it was a bit more expensive. Its specification was less according to its price. Its price is 80000 rupees. While there are many better smartphones in this price range. Its sales were at a very low level, due to which Apple had to reduce its production.

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